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Mando'ade Zaf A'Toruk

Name Zaf A'Toruk

Position Mandalorian of Clan Awaud

Rank Mando'ade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Zabrak
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6"
Weight 165lbs
Eye Color Dark Green
Physical Description Pale orange skin, cranial horns, facial and body tattoos (black and grey). Upper body is tattooed substantially, chest, shoulders and arms in dark grey and black tribal markings. Athletically muscular and always stands tall and proudly. Somewhere in the past, a cranial horn was broken deeply and so Zaf’s pattern is uneven. He’ll talk about it, but the truth comes out only when drunk.

Wears some Mandalorian armour - not helmet - only pieces of Beskar are from his grandfather’s armour which he had to share with his sister. Front (upper only) chest plate, left arm (vambrace, upper arm and pauldron). NB: Zaf is naturally right-handed, but he's trained to try and be as ambidextrous as possible. Armour colours are turquoise, white and orange.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Independent, direct to the point of rudeness, stubborn. Very self confident and outspoken. Conflicted, confrontational, short temper. Untrusting, but can be pliable in the presence of a stronger will, especially given an option for combat and adventure. Warrior soul, and enjoys fighting, so attracted to conflict situations. Can be purchased, but what a client buys is his right arm and his weaponry rather than his full loyalty. Family is a complicated issue for him, and while full trust is a very rare thing , he maintains a basic honour code and does have a conscience in there somewhere. If he makes a promise he will go into that agreement fully intending to keep it unless given a really good reason not to.
Strengths & Weaknesses Risk taker. Drawn to conflict itself rather than necessarily the resolution of such.
Volatile temper.
Decent pilot. Very average engineer.
Loyalty can be questionable, but he does a good act where loyalty is concerned.
Enjoys working with others, so long as a common goal or mutual benefit exists.
Easily bored. Prone to being curious.
Slow to openly admit when he’s wrong.
Highly skilled with pretty much any weapon, passable with engines, okay with basic level systems.
High pain tolerance (racial characteristic)

Languages: Zabrak, Mando'a, Huttese, Rodian, Jawa-ese.
Equipment A modified VCX-100 called 'Denadre' (a junker that Zaf left home officially on his own with, and one that has been patched together a few times since)
Additional Notes Possessions of Note:
Some pieces of his grandfather’s Mandalorian armour (front only - chest plate, left arm upper, left vambrace and shoulder pauldron)

Zhaboka (The modern double-bladed fighting pike is roughly 2 meters long and consists of a quarter-meter-long leather-bound central grip with a tempered, durasteel blade on each end.) A zhaboka can be unlocked at the grip, folded in half, and carried in a shoulder scabbard for ease of transport.

History Born - 43 BBY on Mandalore.

42 BBY Mandalorian Civil War - New Mandalorians won and Duchess Satine Kryze became leader of Mandalore. Defeated Traditionalists (Zaf’s parents included) were exiled to Concordia.

Grew up on Concordia (moon of Mandalore), and his parents were both heavily involved in the Death Watch underground movement. Young Zaf was easily drawn in and a keen participant of any secretive work he could involve himself in. He loved fighting, and took every opportunity to involve himself in challenging combat, being reckless and enthusiastic to punch above his weight and utilizing every advantage, the sneakier the better.

Aged ten, Zaf began his wanderings, falling in with wider family and clan mates. He travelled widely in his early teens 12-16, including a venture out into Wild Space, which fascinated him. He needed more money to pursue his sudden thirst for exploration, though, and, sometimes alone, sometimes with others, took on small bounties and any work he could get to earn credits to keep moving around.

Inevitably this search for funding led to a variety of work, and Zaf wasn’t picky as to what jobs he took. So long as it funded his personal mission he’d take almost anything. Slave trading was where he drew the line, but from the age of 14/15, he worked many organisations including but not exclusively, Black Sun, Hutt Clan, and Crimson Dawn.

One bounty mission resulted in a near death experience and Zaf losing a cranial horn. While he references this mission, particularly in the company of the other survivor, he rarely tells the full truth about it.

Aged 21, after a failed venture back into Wild Space (and the jungle world of Teth) he sought home once more and, with both his parents already deeply immersed, he became drawn into the growing movement to ‘free’ Mandalore. Death Watch sucked Zaf back into the old cause, and provided many opportunities for combat.

While both his parents were allied in the fight to oppose the pacifist Mandalore government, when Maul made his move, they irrevocably split - father to Maul's Shadow Collective (SC) , mother to Mandalore Resistance (MR). Zaf continued to work the SC side of things, overtly siding with his father, but then started to feed information to the MR. When the coup finally happened, during the battle itself in the thick of the fighting on Mandalore, his mother is killed by his father, and this flips him openly back to the Resistance.