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Ver'alor Jiani Pava

Name Jiani Pava

Position Mandalorian of Clan Ordo

Rank Ver'alor

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Jiani is a Warrior through and through, while rarely out of her armor, there is little mistaking her profession even without. Through years of training and conflict Jiani has developed a solid and muscular build. One which was rather identifiable even among the members of the Nite Owls. Oft preferring clothing that emphasized this musculature (as well as could have armor thrown on over it in a pinch) Jiani owns a wide selection of tank tops and other 'sports' styled clothing. Those that catch her in this civilian garb are rare and all but those she trusts the most will only have laid eyes on her armor.

Personality & Traits

Equipment Her armor, Mandalorian beskar'gam was comprised of several individual plates colored both metallic gray and blue. Originally a piece of armor belonging to her family line, it dated back millennia before being passed to Jiani. Only needing some slight reforging over the years, she proudly displays its battle scars. Jiani's armor also features several stylistic designs of her own; on her right shoulder the sigil of Clan Ordo and on her left the sigil of the Nite Owls. Most of her armor pieces feature a blue stripe or styling most notably the distinctive T-Visor on her helmet; above which she has painted a stylized representation of a Logarian Owl native of Endor. Jiani picked this design because of the noted intelligence of the creature, and the way they wait for the opportune moment to strike their prey. 

Her armor is of course not purely defensive in nature, sporting plenty of hidden weapons and technology that allows Jiani to be on the offensive. Like all Mandalorian Commandos, she has been trained in the use of the combat jetpack. Jiani's armor is integrated with her JT-12C "Combat Model," featuring the ability to be used in long or short range jumps and is armed with a single MM9 Anti-personnel/Armor rocket.