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Spacer Talon Kolani

Name Talon Kolani

Position Commercial Pilot

Rank Spacer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Talon grew up on the Corellian homeworld, as part of a rich family that owned several businesses that included mining, shipping and running spice around the Outer Rim.

Thanks to this slightly easier lifestyle, Talon is of an athletic build and keeps himself in shape. With his brown hair and Hazel eyes, he is a clean-shaven and tall slightly muscular man who keeps himself in trim as often as he dares and he is often a charmer.

He has no distinguishing features or scars.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Talon has had to learn the hard way about life, despite being one of the many family members that worked for the family business and this left him with a very tough look on life. He’s been through some scrapes and Talon has learnt the hard way that not everyone can be trusted.

He knows that all he wants is to earn enough money to be able to go out and live his life his way, having been guided so often by the Family and how they want things done. Talon has a rebellious streak in him and at times he’s been known to talk back and show flashes of anger when frustrated and stressed in a situation.

Talon is a conservative man who has been weathered from his previous experiences as being a part of the Kolani Family. Whilst many know of the endeavours of his parents and siblings, Ashley has worked quietly in the background to get on with his life. He has a knack for getting on with things and when faced with challenges he finds an inventive way to solve them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Talon's strengths lay in his ability to analyse a problem and try to solve it in the most inventive way possible. However, he also applies himself with plenty of confidence. He doesn’t like to admit it but he can be a team player if he feels the situation is right but if he feels that there is something off or wrong, the call is made for him to disappear.

Talon's weaknesses lie in when he is confronted with a situation that seemingly holds "no way out" or no resolution to it as this often reminds him of the reason why he left the family business and why he fell out with his parents. This is something he has often tried to work through, but he can find this difficult when faced with a Pressure situation – a situation that he will often find a way to get out of where possible.
Force Powers Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side kid!
Equipment Talon always carries a blaster at his side, a holdout blaster in a hidden holster and wears armour, showing that he’s ready to defend himself if need be and that he's careful. He uses a Military commlink that he once cracked the code open on and uses to listen in on Republic, Separatist and Private Security forces.

Talon owns a Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter called the Rusty Rancor, however, he has also programmed the ship transponder to be re-configured should he fly into a hot territory. He built a remote control for the Rusty Rancor which allows him to remote start the ship in times of a quick getaway and if need be, allow the ship to be remotely flown for about one hundred yards should he be pinned down.

Talon flies the Rancor with his trusty co-pilot Alema Rha, a Twi’lek female whom he has known for many years and has stayed by his side after his falling out with his family and leaving the family business.
Additional Notes Father - Tyr Kolani

Mother - Elise Kolani

Twin Brothers – Raith Kolani, Raynar Kolani

Former Employee of Kolani Holdings

History Born on the planet of Corellia, Talon grew up a healthy, happy young boy within very well of family, with the Kolani Family name being a well-respected name across the planet.

As he grew up, Talon was often bullied by his older brothers Raith and Raynar who were already a growing part of the Family business. This often left Talon looking to find time alone and looking to find his own way within the confines of the large family home, where he discovered the all of the paperwork for the various blueprints of the fleet maintained by the Family business.

When he reached 18 years old, Talon’s parents began to put him to work within the business, where Talon learnt all about the various arms of the business: Trading, Freight & Shipping, Mining and various contracts that were in place. Talon was also taught how to fly one of the smaller courier ships that were maintained in the family fleet.

From the day he got his hands on the courier ship, Talon discovered the stars and space and felt like a giddy schoolboy whose next ten birthdays all came at once. He fully trained up as a pilot and was often assigned some of the best routes as part of Kolani Holdings and before long, Talon was trying to find ways to make his courier ship go faster than all of the others.

On his 21st Birthday, Talon was out on a courier mission when he stumbled across once of the larger Company Haulers in trouble. Despite not answering his calls, Talon could see that the Hauler was I trouble and being attacked by Separatist fighters. Using the modified courier ship, he managed to scare them off before landing on the Hauler.

Onboard he found his twin brothers trying to loot all of the stolen cargo that they had smuggled aboard after stumbling across a derelict Separatist starship. A blaster fight followed in which Talon injured Raynar, leaving him scarred and swearing revenge on Talon. Once Talon returned home to report his findings, it was clear when he arrived that his parents were aware of these dealings and life at home was never the same again.

Whilst working for the company on various mission as the years passed by, Talon established contacts and colleagues out amongst the stars, once of those being Alema Rha, a Twi’lek female who worked as a navigator and mechanic within Kolani Holdings. The two of them became firm friends and soon Alema was flying with Talon on most of his missions and assignments.
As the War continued, Talon soon found out about more criminal dealings within the family business. Soon he discovered how Kolani Holdings was being supported by the Hutts and also being contracted out to the Separatist forces, all through contracts set up by his parents and could see how much trouble this was causing as there were building skirmishes with Republic and Private security forces.

On his 25th birthday, Talon confronted his parents about this after a falling out over some discussions about the family business. A fight ensued and soon, Talon fled the family compound wanting to have no part in Kolani Holdings. He fled to a safe port that he had kept secret, known by very few where he sold off his modified courier ship and severed all ties with the family. Once he was settled, Talon bought himself a YT-1300 Light Freighter and began working as a private courtier/passenger service.

With the war escalating, Talon worked with Alema and modified the Freighter, adding upgraded shields, an upgraded sensor suite and also improving the sublight engines wanting to be certain that he could get his clientele safely to their destination. Alema added a Transponder switcher to the Rancor, giving the ship several identities and homeports so that she couldn’t be traced. Whilst the Rancor has a couple of laser cannons on board, she’s built more for speed and defence before securing a safe harbour