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Jedi Knight Satara' Jalran

Name Satara' Jalran

Position Watchman of the Sujimis Sector

Rank Jedi Knight

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Twi'Lek
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5′ 10″
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description Tall, fit, and beautiful, Satara holds up as every bit the typical vision of a young Twi’lek woman. Her blue Rutian skin made her stick out back home on Ryloth but among the Jedi she was far more common sight. Years of traveling the frontier have given Satara with a well-toned, athletic figure. Despite it flirting with some of the more prohibited tenants of the Jedi Code, she’d used her physical attributes to her advantage before. She’s often dressed in more provocative clothes out on the frontier, but also retaining her Jedi roots.

Like all Twi’Lek Satara’s most identifiable traits are her Lekku. Long and full, her nearly waist-length Lekk are tattooed with a pattern similar to her family’s kalikori. Satara wears a leather headband with a duristeel plate in the center along with complimenting leather wraps on each of her Lekk. She is convinced that her tchun is shorter than her tchin.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Satara is confident, overly so sometimes she has long felt her connection to the force and thus her powers have been lacking for a long time. She has compensated for this by becoming an expert duelist. Satara knows she’s good and isn't’ afraid to tell anyone, or she wouldn’t be if she didn’t do better alone than in groups. Her childhood as a slave on Dellerion and later her time serving as a Watchmen with the Jedi, she doesn’t connect with many people well. Because of her Jedi training Satara has learned a lot about compartmentalizing and finding healthy ways to deal with those intense emotions. Yet there are times when those feelings and sensations coming running back to her at full force and it's like she never escaped the eventual Harem she would have been sold into.

Considering the trials of her upbringing Satara is still very proud to be a Twi’lek. She knows how her species is viewed in the galaxy, she was told more than once as she grew up what her life would become with the slavers. She wants to show the galaxy what a Twi’lek woman is really made of. The way in which she has tackled these hurdles hasn't always been of the most Jedi-like of ways.

Satara also feels she has a lot to prove, being the Watchman assigned to the Tion Sector and at the time a friend of former Jedi Master Count Dooku she was completely fooled. She had been so sure that the Hegemony and their allies wouldn’t break away from the Republic. In her quieter moments, Satara doubts her evaluation of people, as much and if not more than the Council doubted her at the outbreak of the Clone Wars.
Strengths & Weaknesses Satara is a very talented duelist, being a Twi'lek with a natural grace she'd learned to channel that sense of timing rhythm and movement into her fighting form. She is confident in her martial abilities, but she is also aware of her shortcomings when it comes to her mastery of the force. Abilities that might be second nature to many of the order take her some time and concentration. This is especially true when it comes to those abilities that are about the more spiritual, deeper connection with the living force.

Satara has some very deep trauma due to her upbringing, she doesn't do well in tight, dark spaces or when restrained. She also doesn't abide slavers or slavery well and her responses when dealing with those groups have been reckless in the past, to say the least. In fact, in many ways, her personality and response to the world have been more shaped by those experiences than many who grew up in the order.
Force Powers Proficient
Force Pull/Push
Force Speed
Breath Control
Force Jump

Some Ability
Force healing
Force Sight
Control Pain
Mind Trick
Equipment Lightsaber

In battle, Satara utilizes a Cyan-blue - Curved-hilt lightsaber as her primary weapon. Taking years to develop Satara's lightsaber is perfectly balanced for her hand. A duelist's weapon her lightsaber is designed for use of the second form of lightsaber combat - Makashi. Satara also keeps a smaller more Azure bladed shoto-hilt lightsaber as a backup/secondary weapon. She has rarely used it in combat, either as a single blade or utilizing the Jar'Kai fighting style.

General Equipment

Satara carries equipment standard to the Jedi Order with her at pretty much all times. This includes her communicator, immagecaster, breather, various tools and supplies. She also keeps a small versafunction 1138 Datapad for correspondence and data access.


The Consular Class - Charger C70 Nawar'aven was Satara's personal Starship for many years while serving as a Jedi Watchman. Originally a standard Consular Class cruiser her ship was upgraded under the Charger initiative at the beginning of the Clone War. Never used in full combat since her days under the Judicial Forces, she has never had the chance to really see what it could do. Not that she would be able to do so alone, the Order had many of the ship's systems modified to be managed by a small crew with droid support.

History Born on Ryloth Satara was the eldest daughter of a semi-influential family. Growing up in the south, despite being from an influential family, they were still very active, almost pedestrian; they hunted and worked the land. Her first few years were happy ones, playing with friends and exploring the vast forests around their ancestral home. Satara grew into a very independent young woman, often going out on her own to hunt when she should have had a partner. She didn’t understand it at the time, but she did better on her own, had a better chance of tracking animals

But as she went on longer and longer hunts her parents grew more concerned. Satara wasn’t to be deterred, she continued to explore the deep forests around her home. Eventually letting her Aunt Azal come along to keep an eye on her as a compromise. After weeks of successful hunts and safe returns, one quiet evening the pair never returned. Her parents organized a search but no sign was ever found of Satara or her aunt.

While her parents never gave up hope, but they weren’t going to have any success looking on Ryloth, Satara and Azal had been taken by Zygerrian slavers. Transported to Dalleron II the pair were quickly introduced to what this harsh life meant for a Twi'lek. Azal did what she could for the teen, but Satara wasn't ignorant of the horrors Azal exposed herself to regularly. Several months passed, and neither woman had much hope that they’d be rescued, or given… release from this life they now led.

Then one day Satara had a feeling, like she just knew they were going to be ok. Azal didn’t believe her, having given up hope long ago. None of the other slaves listened to her either but Satara wouldn’t let it go. Everyone else thought she’d just lost it, but the young Twi held out hope. Not a day later a strange woman broke into their dungeon, a green-skinned Mirialan… a Mirialan who glowed. The woman left them, promised she’d be back, all the slaves could hear the fighting outside. The woman eventually returned, glowing lightsaber in hand… Satara never thought she’d meet a Jedi.

She and Azal returned home, their family fawning over them making sure they had whatever they needed. At first Satara thought she was better, but the first time she tried to go hunt in the woods she broke down crying. She huddled up in a tree and waited for hours and pretended she just hadn’t been successful. She never told anyone, but she also didn’t get any better, becoming more and more withdrawn until the only person she wanted to see was Aunt Azal, the older woman not ding much better.

It was then the Jedi came again, this time an Older Man who later introduced himself as Dooku Jedi Knight appeared at her door. He’d heard what happened, and knew instantly that she was sensitive to the force. Why she hadn’t been detected at a much younger age he didn’t know, but he believed he could help, the force had been awoken in her and she would need training. It took some debate, her parents not wanting to lose her again, but the Knight was very persuasive. Going with him, joining the Jedi was the first thing Satara had wanted to do in weeks.

It was a difficult transition, for her parents who stayed in contact as best they could and for Satara who found herself years old and behind her fellow students. Pushing herself that much harder, the Twi’lek did all she could to prove herself. Much of her training was overseen in part by now Master Dooku the man taking a particular interest in how she fared. Like most Twi’lek Satara was incredibly graceful, her quick precise movements lent themselves to making her impressive duelist in a short time, although her connection to the force never grew incredibly strong.

When it was finally time for her to be granted a master, Satara had hoped that Dooku would take a more active role in her training. Unfortunately, he had his own Padawan at the time and instead she was assigned to Plo Koon. Despite her age, Satara advanced quickly in her training, her more unorthodox style working well with Master Plo. It wasn’t long, a little over five years before she was ready to take the Trials of Knighthood.

While struggling with some of the deeper mysteries of the force, Satara passed her Trials attaining the rank of Jedi Knight. Despite no longer needing to be attached to her master Satara would continue to work with Master Plo throughout the Galaxy. She still kept in touch with Dooku as well, who’d become rather disillusioned with the Jedi over the years. Not having grown up inside the order, Satara herself sometimes clashed with the council and often thought similar to his way of thinking.

It was during this that she had Plo would slowly drift farther apart, their clashing worldviews becoming more apparent. On their last mission together she was with the Kel Dor when he discovered Ahsoka Tano. Satara saw so much of herself in that young child, how lost she’d been before the Jedi. She knew at this point what she wanted to do, to truly become a Peacekeeper.

Honing her weapon skills, Satara quickly became a Master of Form 2 and constructed a duelist’s blade as her new lightsaber, her old one was modified to become a shoto she could use as a backup. During this time she also joined the Exploration Corps, training to become a Jedi Watchman. After a few years of study, she would graduate, and be assigned to the Caluula Sector, more commonly known as the Tion Hegemony.

During her time as a watchman was when the Twi’lek came across the Banawali Jedi Temple. Constructed almost two thousand years ago during the worst of the Fourth Great Schism as a refuge for those who wished to learn in peace away from the Armies of Darkness and Light. Lost to time, the Jedi had no record of the temple until its discovery by Jedi Padawan Satara’Jalran. After studying the temple she was visited by a vision from the past, a plea by the ancient Masters to keep their secret.

Upon returning to the Hegemony Satara kept her silence, never telling anyone about the planet found while away for a month. Not that she had much time to worry about that anyway. There was always something to do in the Hegemony after all. Satara enjoyed her time as watchman of the Sector, becoming well known to many of the nobles there and to their allies, including the now Count Dooku. Growing closer to the man she couldn’t believe it when the council ordered her to spy on the man.

Leaving for Serreno Satara was surprised by how much Dooku had changed now that he’d left the Jedi. He wasn’t cruel or anything, but there was a hardness that wasn’t there before. Still, after spending some time there, catching up, learning some new saber techniques she reported to the council that there was little worry of anything underhanded going on. The Council Called her back to Coruscant to give a detailed report on the situation. While she was back at the temple Obi-Wan’s distress call came in.

Satara along with 200 other Jedi traveled to Geonosis to rescue their wayward comrades. Somehow she survived and even participated in the larger battle. But once it was over the Council wasn’t pleased with her at all. Despite their inability to see what was happening or prevent it, somehow she was supposed to have done so. As ‘punishment’ for her failure, she was assigned as the Watchmen for the Sujimis Sector home of the Pantorans.

The Council’s actions never sat well with the woman, and being pushed to the ass end of the Outer Rim was not exactly warming her to their way of thinking. In fact, she felt very much ostracized by the whole thing and couldn’t even go home to visit her family to feel better. Instead, she became very close to the Pantoran people, the major race under her charge.

Satara was also instrumental in creating true Diplomatic ties between the Talz of Orto Plutonia, the Republic, and the Pantorans. During these talks she became very close with the Talz people, spending more time on the frozen planet than she did on Pantora itself. It was these excursions that allowed her to escape the Trade Federation Blockade of the planet.

Linking up with a Clone Commando Unit, Satara a couple of the Talz and the Commandos harassed the Trade Federation Forces, and event disabled a few of their cruisers. Their main action took place on Orto Plutonia when Trade Federation forces attempted to reoccupy their old base on the surface.

This kind of reactionary raids went on for several months before the Pantoran system was finally liberated. However, the Trade Federation and other separatist forces had moved into the surrounding area and Satara was forced to continue working with the clones. Because of the bad blood between the Talz and the Clones, Thi-Sen insisted that one of his warriors act as Satara’s bodyguard as well as someone who could keep an eye on the clones. Over time she learned to appreciate them more, these Clones being far more unique than those she’d encountered on Geonosis. By 19BBY she’d actually started to develop a good working relationship with them, even if her Talz companion didn’t trust them.

Trust that would be broken during a scouting mission across the icy southern planes of Orto Plutonia...