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Spacer Atrus Abraxis

Name Atrus Abraxis

Position Scoundrel

Rank Spacer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 165
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Has a scar on left cheek and synthetic left arm
Muscular build
Hair is fine and cut short
Appearance in terms of clothing is casual

Personality & Traits

General Overview Born on Entralla to a family of farmers, Atrus was taken into the Jedi Order as a youngling several years before the clone wars. He underwent his Knighthood and joined the ranks as a Healer, though an incident on the battleground made the Council question his duties to the Code. Exiled prior to the culmination of the Clone Wars, he avoided the orders that eradicated the Jedi. Currently he is a smuggler with his own ship, the Marauder, with contacts among those involved in the black market in the outer rim territories.
Strengths & Weaknesses Emotional - prone to a guarded nature, but tends to go "all in" with emotional responses

Has courage, lacks tact

Squirrels away relics and found artifacts

Empathetic and kind, but takes time to reveal that nature

Pretty good in a fight, though he lacks grace against more agile opponents.

Pretty good with technology and piloting
Force Powers Healer
Equipment A ship, the Marauder. Its a small fright ship used for smuggling. Not top tier by any stretch of the imagination, it gets from point A to B. He lives aboard this ship.

Twin blasters, small in size.

Some stolen cargo - leaving what they are open for future plots (if required)
Additional Notes Leaving some details about his past, current vocation, etc, motives open for easy inclusion in ongoing role-plays. Does not have Jedi contacts and the focus of his Jedi past is only an opening for force sensitive opportunities and as a historic foundation for his personality and situation.

History Once a Jedi with the name Kiran Sen'datu, Atrus took on his family name after being exiled from the order shortly after Knighthood. Without the Order or his title, Atrus went into hiding as a smuggler, equally renouncing the Jedi Order. He has been working as a smuggler in the black market for some time now, running cargo for the crime Lords on the planet Banridge. He still is a proficient force user and healer with skills in combat, but he doesn't reveal his past--obviously particularly now in the aftermath of the rise of the Empire. He currently holds no true alliances to any particular faction (so open to ongoing plots) but he has resources, knows how to fly a ship and how to keep a low profile.