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Captain RC 3910 "Coda"

Name RC 3910 "Coda"

Position Republic Commando

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (clone)
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color black
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Cloned from the Bounty Hunter Jango Fett, Coda has an average height for a Human male with a stockier build of a super soldier. He keeps his hair just a little longer than Military regulation allow, but as it was mostly under his helmet, he didn't really care.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like most clones, Coda can be stern when needed, though most of the time he is pretty easy going. Although his training has prepared him for practically every combat situation, he doesn't have the best social skills in the galaxy, often preferring to leave others to do the talking. If you earn Coda's loyalty, he will stick by your side through thick and thin, however if you betray him or harm someone he has come to care for, you better be able to run and hide because he has a particular set of skills, he will find you and he will kill you.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong
+ Fast
+ Physically fit
+ Intelligent
+ capable with computer systems

- Head strong
- Unfamiliar with the inner workings of most engineering
- has occasional nightmares of order 66
Equipment DC-17m Interchangeable Rifle
DC-15s side arm
Katarn-Class Commando Armour
Additional Notes Coda carries the lightsaber of his best friend and Jedi companion Sara Umbra.

History 'born' on the planet of Kamino, Coda was cloned from the bounty hunter Jango Fett as part of the Galactic Army of the Republic. Unlike most of his brothers, Coda was bred to be a step above the average trooper, a Clone Commando. As such he was given more advanced training, weapons and armour.

As a child, Coda was raised like any other clone. placed into vast classrooms with hundreds of other clones, Coda didn't start to show any sign of individuality until almost 5 years into his growth at which point he started to become more independent. noticing this change in his personality, the Kaminoan trainers removed him from the general Clone population and placed into a squad of four other troopers to begin their commando training. Over the next few years, Coda along with his new brothers RC-1616 "sixteen", RC-0411 "Egg-head" and RC-5420 "Blaze" were put through some of the toughest training that the Mercenary instructors could come up with. While they despised their instructors at first, over time they came to understand what they were going through now would keep them alive when it was time to be deployed for real.

As soon as they had finished their training, the newly christened Kappa Squad was chomping at the bit to be deployed, however when the time came instead of being deployed with the rest of the GAR, Kappa Squad was given their own special assignment, to work with a rather unusual Jedi Knight called Sara Umbra, who usually preferred to work alone. Their assignment was to help her chase down wanted Black Sun criminals and suspected separatist leaders in the outer rim. She'd been convinced by the Jedi council to take on this Commando team as an escort for the duration of the war. Resented by their new Commander, Coda did his best to keep his team in line while out in the field as he knew they would have to prove themselves to this warrior and if they were dismissed from this assignment by the Jedi, they would probably end up as Janitorial and Maintenance clones back on Kamino.

Their opportunity to prove themselves came sooner than expected. On A mission to capture a Black Sun crime lord, Sara chose to leave Kappa Squad behind at their temporary base camp and go after the target herself and ended up being captured by a band of pirates. Taking his team into the camp at night, Coda's team managed not only to recue Sara from her predicament, but also capture the target alive while leaving a message behind in the form of graffiti on the walls of their living quarters which simply read, "you have been visited by the Kappa Squad, have a nice day" and all without a single casualty or dead pirate.

This went a long way to earning Sara's trust. It wasn't until the Squad had returned to their base camp that they discovered that Sara had been beaten by the pirates and hit repeatedly with a stun baton. Sending the rest of the team off to secure the area, Coda tended to Sara's injuries and debriefed her over what happened so the team could learn form the encounter.

As their missions together continued, Coda and Sara became closer and although Coda started to develop feelings for Sara, he did his best to keep those feelings from her as he felt it would only complicate their missions which, according to his training, took priority over any personal feelings he might have about the mission or those on it.

Unfortunately, Coda didn't count on the insight of a Jedi working against him. During some downtime on a Republic space station in the mid rim, Sara invited Coda to her quarters under the pretense of discussing their next set of targets and progress on the upgrades being made to their shuttle. Dressed in an officer's uniform to keep up appearances, Coda made his way to the requested meeting expecting a gruff talking too. Thought his expecience when he got there didn't involve a great deal of talking, though it was quite physical.

After that night, they kept their connection secret from the council though keeping a secret from his brothers proved impossible. Initially skeptical about the whole affair, Coda eventually managed to bring them around using the excuse of 'becoming more familiar with your squad should make the squad function better'.

This choice came to haunt Coda when Operation Knightfall was activated by the initiation of Order 66. As the Squad was finishing up a mission where they had to observe radio silence, they were met by a Unit of clone troopers ordered by the new Imperial officers to hunt down the Jedi Sara Umbra. For reasons unknown to him, Coda and his squad were unaffected when they were told of Order 66 and instead they chose to defend his their friend and Commander. After hours of fighting, Coda was left the last man standing among piles of bodies. Unfortunately, this also included Sara who now lay slain at his feet. Kneeling down, he picked up her limp body and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead before carrying her over to where her Brothers had fallen. Picking up Sara's lightsaber and com unit along with an remaining ammo for his rifle his brothers had remaining, Coda buried his family under the shade of a large grove of trees. Clearly something had gone wrong and he needed to figure out what and how to fix it. Taking the shuttle they had been using since the start of the war, Coda set a course for the closest pirate haven in the rim.