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Spacer Ixur Vex

Name Ixur Vex

Position Morgukai Warrior

Rank Spacer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kajain’sa’Nikto (Red Nikto)
Age 70

Physical Appearance

Height 1.9m (6ft 2in)
Weight 102.1kg (225lbs)
Hair Color none
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kajain'sa'Nikto or "Red Nikto" are adapted to survive in the Wannschok, or "Endless Wastes", a desert region on Kintan. They have a series of forehead ridges and small facial horns surrounding their eyes and on the chin. Their noses are covered with a movable flap of skin and a semi-permeable membrane which allows them to breathe without ingesting sand and grit. The Kajain'sa'Nikto also have a pair of breathing tubes on each side of the neck with openings covered by similar membranes. These membranes also trapp exhaled water vapor and send it back into their system. Their equivalent of smiling is flattening their mouth flaps.

Ixur is in prime fighting trim and looks it. Though he is 70 years old chronologically, the length of the Nikto lifespan means that biologically, in Human years, he’s in his late 20s to maybe early 30s. Because he fights at melee range, he keeps himself in top physical condition. He knows that for his lifestyle, out of shape is out of luck.

Personality & Traits

General Overview If you’re a criminal and you broke a deal with another criminal or you’ve stolen from those you shouldn’t have, don’t expect pity from Ixur when he comes to collect the bounty on your head. But Ixur won’t go after civilians, no matter what you offer to pay him.

Ixur takes work from Hutt Cartels, other crime Syndicates, private corporations, governments, and individuals. He’ll also take work from those who need help and have nowhere else to turn, frequently for alternative forms of compensation (restocking his ship, a portion of recovered goods, even a safe place to stay for a stretch of time, etc). Sometimes he’ll even take a job for the opportunity it gives him to take a completely separate bounty or to acquire something of value (either to him personally or to someone who might pay a hefty sum for it).

Ixur doesn’t seek trouble unless there’s a good reason (money, a righteous cause, honor, etc), but if you come to him seeking trouble and refuse to walk away, trouble you will find.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:

Trained to fight and kill Jedi and Sith
Trained in the use of a Corotisis Staff/Lance (a staff with lightsaber-like blade at the top)
Trained to use other melee weapons. He carries a pair of fighting daggers laced with Cortosis in case he loses control of his staff.
Trained in Hand to Hand Combat
Trained to resist Jedi mind tricks and other Jedi Force Magic
Trained and biologically designed to survive and even thrive in harsh desert conditions.
Trained hunter of both animals and people
Basic Ship Maintenance
Trained to resist torture


If Ixur had any trait that could be described as a “weakness” it would be his sense of honor, fairness, right and wrong, etc. While this can be and should be considered a great strength, it does get in Ixur’s way and causes him no end of problems.

Ixur is a man of his word. Deal fairly and honestly with him and he will treat you the same way. Unfortunately, a lot of the currently available clients are not honest people. This can lead to repeats of the past in which Ixur decides to void a contract because the client lied to him.

Ixur is as selective about what jobs he takes, his level of selectivity is related to his financial situation. He has to eat, after all. Still, Ixur will turn down a contract if he doesn’t trust the client, and he will cancel a contract midway to completion if he discovers the client was dishonest with him. His current selection of available clients are not the kind of people who like hearing the word “no”, leading to difficulties.
Force Powers Through his Morgukai training and the many years he's had to master it, Ixur is highly resistant to Force Magic. The "Jedi Mind Trick" is for all intents and purposes useless on him, as are most powers that would influence his mind. Attempting to use Force Telepathy on him against his will is equally pointless (mind probes, hallucinations, persuasion, etc). This resistance applies to versions of these powers that are not Force-based.

More direct applications of the Force are harder for Ixur to resist. He can't stop a Force user from throwing something at him, for example, but he could resist the Force user's attempt to directly manipulate him (like with a Force Push). The same would be true if the Force user attempts to yank Ixur's staff from his hands. Resisting physical uses of the Force is more difficult that resisting psychic and empathic uses of the Force.

Ixur can hide himself from a person using psychic or empathic abilities to find him (Force-based or not).
Equipment 1 Morgukai Cortosis Staff

This is a lance-style version of a Jedi or Sith Lightsaber. The staff is 5 feet in length. The “blade” is 12 inches in length. There is a generator in the staff that powers the blade and allows it to release electrical energy into the target. The body of the staff is laced with Cortosis and very strong. Cortosis is naturally resistant to lightsabers and other energy blades, as well as energy weapon fire. It is strong in general and can be used to parry blows from physical weapons as well.

The staff can be used as a lightspear, a lightlance, a lightstaff, and an electrostaff.

1 back up staff

1 suit of Cortosis Armor with several replacement pieces

Ixur’s standard battle kit consists of cortosis armor that protects him from blaster fire, lightsaber attacks, and attacks with standard melee and projectile weapons.

1 back up suit of armor

Ship: Honor Bound

MandalMotors Lancer Class Pursuit Craft

Max Atmo Speed 1050 kph
Length 34 meters

Class 2 Hyperdrive
Class 12 Backup Hyperdrive

Dorsal Mounted Triple Light Laser Cannon Turret
Forward Mounted Twin Light Laser Cannon
Ventral Mounted Tractor Beam Projector
Crew 2 (Pilot/Co-Pilot)
*Ixur has a droid that serves as pilot/co-pilot and flight engineer/ship maintenance droid. He also has a medical droid aboard, though the ship’s medical capabilities are limited.

Minimum Crew 1 (Pilot)

Passengers 4

Consumables 3 months
*Presumably this refers to the amount that would be used in 3 months by 2 crew and 4 passengers? Not sure.

Life Support: Equipped

Communications: Equipped

Additional Notes I'm not sure how to introduce this character to the sim. He worked with the Jedi Order through his friend Edan Tobis for almost 20 years. He likely spent the first year of that time at the Jedi Temple itself, getting back into shape. He likely sparred with many different Masters, Knights, Padawans, etc, and more than a few Younglings would have encountered him.

He definitely helped to train one or more of Edan Tobis' Padawans. Over the years, when at the Temple itself, he might have been asked to help teach a bit.

While there is likely no "official" record of his work for the Jedi Order, it wasn't exactly a secret around the Order. It's possible, perhaps even likely, that the Jedi currently in the group would have heard of him, some might even have encountered him before, even just in passing.

History Growing up on Kintan, Ixur Damaris underwent rigorous training to become a Morgukai. As is traditional, he was trained by his father. When his father considered Ixur ready, he brought the boy along with him on various adventures (similar to the way a Jedi Knight or Master trains a Padawan). He became a skilled warrior, trained to take on and defeat many foes, even the mighty Jedi and Sith. trained well enough to work on his own, he began to take on work for various clients, including Hutt Cartels and other criminal organizations, but also corporate and government clients. He worked as a bounty hunter, a bodyguard, and even a courier.

He avoided taking sides in the Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Republic (and their Jedi). He saw corruption and dishonor in all three groups and wanted no part in it. At least there was some “honor among thieves” when working for criminal cartels and syndicates.

Ixur’s activities did, however, bring him into conflict with both individual Sith and Jedi, and the Empire and the Republic. This made him unpopular on both sides of the line. But that wasn’t what got him. What got him was so petty that it boggles the mind.

While on a mission for the Pyke Syndicate, Ixur was captured by Sith forces loyal to a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Thress. Thress impressed by how Ixur had handled himself against her Sith Lord and her Apprentices. She found Ixur fascinating and set out to seduce him, both to add him to her forces, and to get him into her bed. Ixur declined both offers. It’s unclear which refusal angered Thress more, but the Darth was seriously pissed off. She had Ixur frozen in carbonite, staff, armor, and all, and kept him as a decoration. It’s unclear how he came to be in the possession of Suurpa the Hutt, or why Suurpa didn’t thaw him out and put him to work. Ixur’s value as a statue of course went up as the ranks of the Morgukai thinned. Or perhaps there was a concern that Ixur wouldn’t survive being thawed out after so long in carbonite.

Ixur remained a decoration until Jedi Master Edan Tobis encountered the frozen Morgukai while negotiating with Suurpa the Hutt on Jedi business. Master Tobis sensed… something, something that told him he should rescue the frozen Morgukai Master. So that’s what he did, by negotiating a deal that involved the Hutt throwing in his disturbing statue as part of the deal.

Edan took the frozen Morgukai back to his ship and eventually to the med center at the Jedi Temple. He had Ixur freed and treated for complications stemming from prolonged containment in carbonite. Edan and other Jedi helped Ixur get back in fighting trim and did their best to help him come to terms with the fact that everyone and almost everything he knew was dead and gone, and that if there were any Morgukai other than him, they were few and far between. They helped him adjust to his new reality.

Ixur felt he owed Edan Tobis a debt of gratitude and became the Jedi Master’s loyal bodyguard, operative, and friend. They worked together during the years leading up to the Clone Wars and on through the Clone Wars.

Ixur’s allegiance to the Jedi was mainly centered around Edan Tobis and whatever Padawan happened to be assigned to Tobis at the time. He remained wary of the Jedi Order as a whole, and was at times openly critical of their machinations and especially of their involvement in the Clone Wars. This Jedi Order reminded him of the sanctimonious, self-righteous Jedi of the Cold War era millennia before, who had hidden their corruption behind the Jedi code. Edan Tobis, on the other hand, was at least honest and also unafraid of being openly critical of the Jedi Council, the Republic, and even Chancellor Palpatine.

Ixur was unable to protect Edan from General Order 66. The Jedi Master’s death at the hands of the clones hit Ixur hard. If he gets the chance, he intends to hit this new “Empire” hard right back. Ixur is prepared to sell his skills to the underworld, as well as to anyone who wants to hurt the Empire. He will take no jobs hunting Jedi holdouts.

There is no official record of Ixur’s involvement with the Jedi, but it was fairly well known among the Jedi that he did work for Edan Tobis. Still, it is unlikely that Vader and the Inquisitorius would seek him out. At least, Ixur believes it to be unlikely. He’s been wrong before.