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Name Aszari

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Chiss
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7 (170cm)
Weight 135lbs (61kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Glowing Red
Physical Description Aszari strikes a lithe and slender profile with willowy agility in her every move. In her shawls and gowns, she is almost ghost-like, although she’s unafraid to don more comfortable attire should the mission call for it, at which point her lean, spry frame is plain to see. Her bright red eyes stand out from her azure skin and raven black hair, but it’s the lilt of her dusky and demure voice that is the most unforgettable.

Personality & Traits

General Overview As someone who is at home among the literal and metaphorical shadows, Aszari is used to blending in. Such a life has given her a superficial façade of being stoic yet passionate, chaste yet wanton, serene yet volatile. Congenial to orders yet slow to trust, there are few people who can say they’ve seen the real Azsari.

As an orphan exile from the Chiss Ascendancy, Azsari's wandering throughout Republic space before the Clone Wars gained her an aptitude for slicing and sneaking that sent her into a life of crime. This shadow of her exile has hung over everything she has done, leaving her true motivations a mystery despite her alleged affiliations as a Dark Acolyte of the Separatists, an enforcer befor the Hutts for that, and a long list of other rumored patrons in Known Space and beyond. Despite her affinity for the shadows, Azsari is not above a good tease.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Stealthy
+Tech proficient

- Mistrustful
- Cagey
- Willful
Force Powers Core Force Abilities

Force Persuasion


Breath Control

Force Awareness

Force Bubble

Interpret Language


Sheltered Sprint

Tech Override

Force Cloak
Equipment Twin purple shotos (lightdaggers)
Additional Notes Aszari is familiar with the Jedi forms of Asatru and Shien but her primary style is the exotic art of Teräs Käsi.

History Rumors and tales abound as to Aszari's origin, and no small number were of her own fabrication. All that is known for certain is that Aszari came to Republic space from the Chiss Ascendancy (where she may have been known as Unas’zar’illithyr) long enough before the Clone Wars to attain a familiarity with space lanes and political intrigue. She was believed to have been a Dark Acolyte under Count Dooku, but if she served in a command of her own like Savage Oppress and Asajj Ventress, no field reports ever identified one. Several assassinations and infiltrations were credited to her early in the conflict, but Republic Intelligence had little confirmed sightings before long. By the time Dooku was killed in orbit of Coruscant, all signs of Aszari had virtually disappeared. Recent conflicts in Mandalorian space suggest she may have dallied there, but nothing has been confirmed. However, many crime syndicates continue to whisper of a ruthless shadow that calls upon anyone who resists the tide of the Crimson Dawn.