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Jedi Knight Enchelei Dardana

Name Enchelei Dardana

Position Watchman of the Sevastol sector

Rank Jedi Knight

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Mirialan
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5''
Weight 132lbs
Hair Color black
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Enchelei is on the short side, height wise, with an athletic, wiry build. Unlike most Mirialans, she wears her hair down and free flowing usually, softening up her face. Her skin is yellow, decorated by various tattoo's traditional to the Mirialan culture.

She dresses in more utilitarian clothes when out on assignments or in the field, leaving the traditional Jedi robes for when at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant (past tense).

Personality & Traits

General Overview Enchelei is still very much a person in development. With no clear, defined background, such as most Mirialan's have, she always struggled with her identity, other than that of a Padawan and/or Jedi. This often manifests in intense focus to accomplish a task, or an almost unconscious focus on a particular emotion, usually a negative one.

With her Master, Wu, on hand, she could easily control herself, as he would often remind her to focus on the Living Force, to follow it's will. She could also easily keep her composure. Over the years she'd learned how to stabilize herself, though she still has bouts of intense focus that could potentially lead to the Dark Side if not curtailed in time.

As a Mirialan not of the homeworld, Enchelei still follows most of the creeds and doctrine of the homeworlders, particularly the tattooing tradition. Whilst she tries to practice the cold detachment that is almost inherent to her people, Dardana has more in common with Mirialans that spend most of their time off world, with other races.
Force Powers Known:
Mild precognition
Force sight
Force persuasion
Force Push/Pull
Force Wave
Force Burst
Force Barrier
Force Throw
Force grip

Force Cloak

Mind Shard
Additional Notes Her name is pronunced EHN-KHE-lay Dahr-DANNAH, her nickname is usually pronunced EHN-khay.

History Born sometime in 45BBY, Enchelei was discovered as a Force Sensitive at the age of four by the Jedi Watchman assigned to the Albanin Sector of the Outer Rim territories. Her home planet of Dubrava didn’t offer many opportunities for the few Mirialan families living there, so her parents didn’t hesitate to give their daughter away to the Jedi.

Enchelei was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi. It was at the Temple, that her first memories formed, from enjoying being part of a youngling clan, to starting to become self aware and aware of The Force and the universe as a whole.

From a young age, Enche showed she was open minded and willing to get to the truth of things, rather than simply following a prescribed creed of doing things. This was both applauded and discouraged at the same time, as this tendency also lead towards curiosities of the Dark Side, eventhough it was a desire to understand, rather than learn it’s use.

Whilst not particularly acrobatic, nor enamoured with physical and lightsaber combat, Enchelei favored the use of two blades from the start. Initially trained in Form II - Makashi and Form III - Soresu, Dardana’s trainers noticed her struggling with a purely physical focus of the Forms.

It was a Jedi Archaeologist, Rachi Sitra, who favored the Form VI - Niman of lightsaber combat who suggested the young Mirialan try Form VI, to see if channeling Force attacks into her rotations would improve her style.

The suggestion was taken aboard, and the trainers soon realized, that Niman was indeed Dardana’s form. Telekinesis came out as a strong affinity, as did Precognition/Danger Sense. It was with this switch that Enchelei began to blossom and develop as a Jedi and as an individual.

As such, when she underwent Initiate Trials, she easily caught the eye of Master Zhu-Shan Wu who agreed to take her on as an Apprentice.

Zhu-Shan, a Thyrsian/Echani hybrid, was a man of dark skin and white hair. When the two were together, they made an odd contrast of colours. Master Wu helped Enchelei hone in her skills, so that they and her bladework blended as seamlessly as possible, while not forgetting to cultivate the young woman’s mind.

She showed a keen interest in investigation and intelligence gathering as well, especially under the tutelage of Master Tera Sinube, the renowned Jedi Investigator. Soon, the teachers at the Temple realized they had a Sentinel in the making.

Whilst her technical skills and gadgetry initially pointed her towards the same Sentinel specialization, Enchelei felt she was bound for a different path. She felt it was her place to help make the Republic better one system at a time, by helping the little people.

So, she would train harder, to become a Watchman, following in the steps of the greats, like Master Yoda, or master Ki-Adi-Mundi. Wu and Dardana would travel the Expansion Region and the Outer Rim, doing their best to assist systems in need, whether by teaching and advice or diplomatic solutions. Enchelei learned to see the universe through a less idealistic light, though she still had hope that she could do something to change it.

The sudden appearance of a clone army in 22BBY and the Battle of Geonosis in the Petranaki Arena brought the still somewhat idealistic Mirialan to reality. While Wu and Dardana didn’t participate in the Battle of Geonosis as they were gathering intelligence on possible other hotspots.

As the Clone War properly began, Master Wu and Padawan Dardana were assigned a clone trooper regiment. Enchelei did not feel right, commanding regiment of essentially slaves bred for one purpose, so she flat out refused to lead them, causing friction between Master and Padawan. A compromise was reached however, where Dardana would act as a scout/intelligence gatherer while Wu and the clones would run campaigns. Dardana joined them on occasion when they needed assistance, but would not lead them herself.

It would be in 20 BBY that she would be granted the rank of Jedi Knight with the specialization as a Sentinel and assigned to the Sevastol Sector, relieving Master T’Ran See, a Neti Jedi Master so he could join the war effort. Considering the circumstances, most nearly ready Padawans were promoted to Knights, with their actions during the war counting towards their Jedi Trials.

Enchelei never felt quite ready, or like she had undergone the Trials as she was meant to.

Still, she felt more settled as a Watchman than as a General. She would still gather intelligence for the Jedi Order and the Grand Army of the Republic when there were campaigns in the sector or nearby, but she wouldn’t get directly involved, not unless it was absolutely necessary.

And then the campaign to re-take Nexus Ortai in the neighboring Hertae Sector happened in 19BBY, a day that would forever scar Enchelei mentally and physically.