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Sage Hud Ubar

Name Hud Ubar

Position Baran Do, Sage of Dorian

Rank Sage

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kel Dor
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8m/5’10”
Weight 95kg/209lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black with Silver irises
Physical Description As with most Kel Dor males, Hud is hideous compared to most other Near-Human species. The Dorin atmosphere is toxic to most other sentient lifeforms, which means that Hud wears a rebreather and goggles whenever he is outside of personal space set up to circulate Dorin gas. The rebreather and goggles hide a leathery visage with formidable mandibles.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hud is a reserved personality which is not given to excessive emotional display or sudden action. It would be a mistake to consider him passive, however. The action he takes is calculated and indirect as is the way of the Baran Do. Strategy is a way of life for him, as he views the Force not as a power to be wielded or balanced, but a mystery to be observed and experienced. Considered bold by comparison to his people, Hud is nonetheless a cautious individual who is capable of surprising spontaneity.
Strengths & Weaknesses Hud is an adept user of the Force. The Baran Do not readily identify between Light and Dark or the Cosmic and Living aspects of the Force like the Jedi do. As a result, Hud tends to view conflicts as opposing forces of nature akin to storms rather than in moral values. Guided by his pragmatism and personal code of honor, Hud’s motivations can be difficult to determine at any given moment.

Also, his sage training means he is less combat-oriented. While he is capable of defending himself, Hud tends toward diplomacy, strategy, and subterfuge over confrontation.
Force Powers Known:
Planetary Attunement
Force Cloak
Force Sight
Force Persuade/Mind Trick

Force Push/Pull
Force Wave
Force Barrier
Force Throw
Force Grip
Force Whirlwind

Battle Meditation
Electric Judgment
Additional Notes As a Baran Do sage, Hud prefers the use of a simple wooden staff in lieu of a lightsaber.

History Born to a humble family in a mountainous stretch of the planet Dorin, Hud was identified right away as a Force Sensitive due to his silver eyes. His parents sent him to the Baran Do to be raised and trained in the ways of their sages. Though he never knew his parents, Hud carried their name in honor of their sacrifice of their child.

From his earliest years, Hud excelled at the basic skills of his fellows such as predicting storms. The cloistered nature of the Baran Do meant Hud lived an insular life, as many Force Sensitives were sent to the Jedi Order. As time went on, Hud began to wonder about the duty of the Baran Do to the Kel Dor beyond the planet Dorin.
This line of thinking led Hud to begin searching the Force beyond his planet into the galaxy beyond. As a result, he foresaw the rise of the Dark Side through the Galactic Empire while everyone else was focused on the Clone Wars. As always, the elders of the Baran Do advised discretion, inaction, and secrecy, but the younger Hud took a more liberal interpretation.

At first, Hud merely made contacts with foreigners on Dorin, though its atmosphere kept many foreigners away. In time, however, visions of the future compelled Hud to leave his home as the first Baran Do Sage to do so in generations. He had not known the name of Order 66, but he knew the destruction it would bring. Fortunately, the Force had shown him the first steps to stave off the total destruction of the revenge of the Sith. It would begin with a refuge on Banawali III.