Floating through space

Posted on Thu Dec 24th, 2020 @ 5:38pm by Captain RC 3910 "Coda"

Climbing up into the cockpit of his Nu-Class shuttle, Coda slumped into the chair. He'd been on his own for some time and was now flying at sub-light speed towards a pirate station in the outer rim. Flicking on the console in front of him, Coda cleared his throat in preperation to make a log in the ships computer in case he didn't make it.

"Log entry, RC-3910 Captain Coda, date.....Oh I don't bloody know. It's been weeks since the hyperdrive shut down due to lack of power. The reserve power is almost gone. I've been running life support on minimum to conserve as much power as possible, but I'm not sure I can make it to my destination." Coda said, sitting back in the pilots chair, "I guess I should try to sort everything out that has happened. I'm just not sure where to start"

After a moment, Coda continued, "well, i guess it all started on our last mission. It was nothing out of the ordinary for my squad. another blue milk run. We were tasked with tracking down a Mercenary who we'd been told had information on one of our CIS targets. as it turns out, his information was little more than what we already had.”

“It wasn’t until we returned to our camp that we even thought something might be wrong. About an hour after we had returned to our camp, an Acclimator class ship deployed two LAAT’s to our position. It wasn’t unusual for my squad to be picked up like this, but we usually had to call for a pick up, this was the first time it had arrived without a call. If I’d only looked a little closer, I could’ve seen that both drop ships were fully loaded, but instead we didn’t find that out until they’d landed near our camp and deployed. There had to be 60 troopers with an ARC trooper each, which in any other situation we would call a fair fight, but these were our brothers and none of us wanted to harm them. Unfortunately they gave us no choice”

“Before we could even ask why there had come, the troopers had surrounded us and the two ARC troopers were marching towards us with their weapons drawn. It had to be luck that my squad was still fully kitted up. The first ARC trooper, a commander, informed us that Order 66 had been handed down and that we were to deal with the ‘traitor’ Jedi immediately. We couldn’t believe what we were hearing. Even if the Jedi had turned on the republic, I knew.... no I know that Sara wouldn’t have betrayed the Republic. It was true she wasn’t your average Jedi, and maybe my feelings for her had gotten the better of me, but not one member of my squad believed for a second that this was legitimate. Unfortunately, those damn ARC troopers saw us hesitate and simply gave the order to execute the lot of us. The fight was intense, even the best training scenarios couldn’t have prepared us for what we faced, though our grudge with those ARC troopers definitely helped our cause”

Looking out the window, Coda tried to put his thoughts into words, “it took hours for the fight to be over, and at the end of it I was the only one left standing. Even Sara had been gunned down. I couldn’t save her. She died in my arms. After that I made it my new primary mission to get to the bottom of Order 66 and find out what had actually happened. I couldn’t trust the news network or Republic coms chatter, though it did help me keep away from patrols for a while”

Just then, a warning light on the console began to flash indicating reserve power had reached 25% capacity. Giving a sigh, Coda picked up his helmet and gave it a bit of a rub to remove some dust. “If this log is found by someone from the Republic, do me a favour and just burn everything. Selling this bucket of bolts will prove more trouble than it’s worth”
He said before saving the log into the ship’s computer, shutting everything except life support down and putting in his helmet, “I guess freezing to death in space isn’t a bad way to go after all”


Captain RC 3910 “Coda”
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