Welcome to the Star Wars: Nightfall!

The Clone War is over. The Republic has fallen, The Separatists have fallen, the Jedi Temple burns… a New Order rises and spreads across the Galaxy. As tyranny replaces democracy, beings from all walks of life, Citizen, Outlaw, Clone and Jedi come together; not for democracy, not for freedom, but to simply survive. In these perilous times, do you have what it takes to resist the Empire?

We are a play by Nova, Star Wars simulation set in the year 19 BBY, the fall of the Galactic Republic. We are accepting applications for all kinds of species and backgrounds. The GMs are happy to chat and help out with character creation as the Star Wars canon can be hard to navigate at times. If you want to apply as a force user because of IC reasons and wanting to make sure people feel things are fair, please reach out to the GM team before applying. We will have only a few spaces available for force users.

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The Game Manager is happy to deal with any and all inquiries.

Latest Mission Posts

» The Search

Mission: Episode 2 - The Empire Rises!
Posted on Wed Sep 29th, 2021 @ 5:39am by Spacer Ariadne Azanni & Sage Hud Ubar & Jedi Knight Satara' Jalran & Jedi Knight Enchelei Dardana

Enchelei paced restlessly in the cargo hold. What, by the Force, had just happened to all of them? Order 66, Port Nowhere, Polis Massa, splitting of the new team. It was all quite intensely overwhelming. Anger, fear, confusion, a feeling of being infinitely lost in the wide galaxy where everyone…

» The "Abandoned" Republic Depot Pt. 2

Mission: Episode 2 - The Empire Rises!
Posted on Tue Aug 24th, 2021 @ 7:33am by Ver'alor Jiani Pava

Keeping his blaster holstered as he walked down the landing ramp, Talon saw what looked like a Republic soldier and immediately slowed his pace as he walked off the landing ramp and onto the platform. The last thing he expected was to see one of those here and then Talon…

» The "Abandoned" Republic Depot Pt. 1

Mission: Episode 2 - The Empire Rises!
Posted on Tue Aug 24th, 2021 @ 7:33am by Ver'alor Jiani Pava & Spacer Talon Kolani & Captain RC 3910 "Coda" & Spacer Atrus Abraxis & Mando'ade Zaf A'Toruk


As the Rusty Rancor made its way through Hyperspace, Talon had left the cockpit to go and check the auxiliary controls near the communal area. As Alema joined him, they found Jiani located there. Alema moved over to the sensor control panel and checked over the instruments to make…

» Depot

Mission: Episode 2 - The Empire Rises!
Posted on Tue Aug 24th, 2021 @ 7:24am by Jedi Knight Satara' Jalran & Captain RC 3910 "Coda" & Spacer Atrus Abraxis

"What a desolate place..." TC-326 said with an electronic sigh, the Protocol droid staring out over the wide field below. During the early days of the Outer Rim Sieges, the ground below would full of starships; thousands of Gunships, Fighters, Arquitens, even an Acclimator or two as far as the…

» All the Wrong Places Pt.2

Mission: Episode 1 - All Roads Lead to Nowhere
Posted on Sun May 23rd, 2021 @ 1:57pm by Spacer Talon Kolani & Jedi Knight Satara' Jalran & Jedi Knight Enchelei Dardana & Sage Hud Ubar & Mando'ade Zaf A'Toruk & Spacer Ariadne Azanni & Ver'alor Jiani Pava

Enchelei could see both sides of the argument, yet in her heart she knew that the word Jedi and all that they stood for would be the most hated and hunted things in the time to come, if anything that had happened in the last few days was any indication.…

Latest Personal Logs

» Floating through space

Posted on Thu Dec 24th, 2020 @ 5:38pm by Captain RC 3910 "Coda"

Climbing up into the cockpit of his Nu-Class shuttle, Coda slumped into the chair. He'd been on his own for some time and was now flying at sub-light speed towards a pirate station in the outer rim. Flicking on the console in front of him, Coda cleared his throat in…